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Fiber Sensing  
Optoplex Corporation is a leading technology company with proprietary optical technologies and products for applications from Telecom, Datacom, Optical Sensing, to Optical Spectral Instrumentations. In addition to commercial applications, Optoplex has been designing and manufacturing high reliability products for fiber sensing applications.

In fiber sensing applications, usually scattering light is measured that is sensitive to the change of the environment conditions, such as temperature, pressure, and stress, etc.
There are two major types of fiber sensing: FBG based fiber sensing and distributed fiber sensing.

Among the distributed fiber sensing, distributed temperature sensing (DTS) has been widely employed in the past ten years while distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) becomes more and more attractive.

DTS uses Raman Anti-Stokes scattering that is temperature dependent (while Raman Stokes scattering is very weakly temperature dependent). Usually 50µm multimode fiber (MMF) is used in DTS.

DAS usually uses single-mode-fiber (SMF). The fact that DAS system uses single-mode cable allows obtaining better special resolution and reducing noise.

Optoplex has developed telecom-grade high performance, high reliability products for fiber sensing applications.
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Optoplex Products for Fiber Sensing Applications
  Light Sources
Key products are:
  • iTLA TLS
  • ASE Light Source
  • Comb Light Source
  • Fiber Lasers
    • Single Frequency Narrow Linewidth CW FL
    • Single Frequency Narrow Linewidth Pulsed FL
    • Single Frequency Narrow Linewidth CW FL OEM Module (Coming Soon)
Key products are:
  • MSA EDFA Booster
  • MSA EDFA Pre-Amp
  • High Power EDFA
    • 2W
    • 10W(Coming Soon)
Applications include: wavelength reference, noise suppressions or spectral shaping.
Key Features:
  • Free-space optics and athermal design
  • Very small temperature dependent frequency shift (TDFS)
  • Low insertion loss
  • Broad Wavelength Range: C-, L-, C+L, O-Band, 1064nm
  • FSR: 6.25 ~ 200GHz
Spectral Shape: can be tailored per customer request
  Comb Filter
  • Similar to Etalon

Spectral Shape: can be tailored per customer request
  • Tunable Comb Filter
    • NGPON2 TF
    • Thermal TF
  90deg Optical Hybrid
For coherent detection in DPSK or BPSK optical communications; or for coherent balanced detection on Lidar systems.
Offers superior performance:
  • Wavelength Range: C-band, 1310nm or 1064nm
  • Free-space optics and athermal design
  • Low insertion loss
  • Small Skew < 5ps
  • Super Phase Difference: 90 ± 10°
  90deg Optical Hybrid Integrated with Balanced Receiver
  • Optical performance refers to 90deg Optical Hybrid
  • High CMRR
  • Selections of Bandwidth: 15MHz, 100MHz, 200MHz, 400MHz, and 1600MHz. Other BW available upon request
  Mach-Zehnder Delay Line Interferometer (DLI)
aka DPSK Demodulator
Key Features:
  • FSR: 2.5 ~ 500GHz
  • Delay: customer specific (1ps for Telecom)
  • Spectral Tunable, Semi Tunable, or Passive
  • Large Spectral Tuning Range: > 10 FSR
  • Low TDFS and PDFS
  • Low IL and PDL
  Tunable Filter
Optoplex’s MEMS tunable filter is ideal for applications from wavelength locking, optical channel monitoring and optical add/drop in optical communications; optical filtering and wavelength management in fiber sensing and spectroscopic instrumentation.
Products include:
  • Optical Engine
  • Full Function Module
Key Features are:
  • Athermal Design
  • Fast Tuning Speed
  • Wide Tuning Range: C-, L-, C+L, and O-Band
  • Low TDL and WDL
  • High Isolation
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Wavelength Range: C-, L-, C+L, O-, Full Band
  • Refer to link
Wavelength Range Model
C-Band OSA 50
C+L Band OSA 100L
O-Band OSA 100S
Full-Band OSA 500
NIR Band OSA 1000
C-Band, High Resolution OSA 50A
  Wavelength Lockers
Key Features:
  • Working Wavelength Range: C-band, 1310nm, or 1064nm
  • Athermal design
  • FSR: 25, 50, 100 or 200GHz. Or customer specific
  • Small TDFS
  Special Filters

Key Products:
  • Lidar Filter (see below)
  • MOPA Filter
  • Rayleigh Filter (see below)
  • Raman Filter

Lidar Filter
  • Center Wavelength: 1064nm or others
  • FWHM: < 1nm or customer specific
  • High Transmission: > 90% (typical 95%)
  • Side-Band Blocking Wavelength Range: 300 ~ 1200nm
  • Blocking Optical Density (OD): > OD 4 over 300 ~ 1200nm

Rayleigh Laser Line Filter

A very steep slope band-pass filter to separate the Brillouin or Raman scattering signals from the Rayleigh laser signal to increase the detection sensitivity and dynamic range.

Key Features:
  • Center Wavelength: customer specific
  • FWHM ~ 10GHz
  • Slope > 750dB/nm
  • Low insertion loss
  • Free-space optics and Athermal design to offer very small TDFS