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Wavelength Swept Laser  
Optoplex Wavelength Swept Laser
Optoplex Wavelength Swept Laser
Wavelength Swept Laser PDF Datasheet
  • Description
  • Features
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Product Description - Wavelength Swept Laser (WSL)

The Optoplex Swept Wavelength Laser (SWL) is designed for fiber sensing applcation, especially for FBG fiber sensor interrogation. The SWL swept wavelength laser consisted of an Optoplex proprietary Fiber Optical Tunable Filter (FOTF) and an Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA). The SWL is driven by a built-in electronic triangular generator.

The SWL outputs a wavelength continuously scanning laser beam. The standard SWL wavelength range covers 1525nm-1565nm C-band. The L-band (1570nm-1605nm) and C+L band (1530nm-1605nm) can be customized. The standard SWL has more than 20dBm output power with narrow linewidth 0.01nm, high OSNR 50dB and high scanning rate ~100Hz.

Optoplex SWL features TTL 100GHz comb output with a standard notch WDM wavelength for wavelength calibration.

Optoplex SWL presents a most cost effective solution for OEM application from telecommunication to fiber sensing interrogation.

Functional Schematic of WSL:

Features and Benefits of WSL
  • High output power: 20-23dBm
  • Narrow line width: 0.01nm
  • Compact size
  • Wide tuning range: C-band 1525nm – 1565nm
  • High sweet frequency: 100Hz
  • High OSNR: >50dB
Applications of WSL
  • Distributed FBG sensing interrogation
  • Fiber optics production line measurement
  • Optical spectrum calibration


Performance Specifications of WSL







Swept Wavelength 1525 1565 nm C-Band
Spectrum Range 40 nm
Linewidth 0.01 nm
Output Power 20 dBm
OSNR 60 dB
PDL 0.2 dB
PMD 0.2 ps
Mode TEM00 -
Maximum Scanning Frequency 100 Hz