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Tunable Laser (iTLA)  
Optoplex Tunable Laser
Optoplex Tunable Laser
Tunable Laser (iTLA) PDF Datasheet
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Product Description - Tunable Laser (iTLA)

The Optoplex TL-MC040TA101 tunable laser is a high performance continuous wave (CW) tunable laser source for various test and measurement applications the C-band wavelength range covering from 1528nm (196.25 THz) to 1568nm (191.25 THz).

This tunable laser source is based on the OIF micro-iTLA standard. The laser and control electronics are pre-mounted on a dedicated circuit board for easy production installation. The tunable laser is featuring shuttered tuning, optical power control, off-grid tuning, adjustable grid spacing and narrow linewidth. A Labview software program and an RS232/USB cable are provided together with the tunable laser module. Users can plus and play with a computer (PC) to control the tunable laser very conveniently.

The TL-MC040TA101 tunable laser designed on a fully monolithic InP chip without moving parts, it is a low voltage electronically tuned device enabling channel switching with straightforward control electronics. The integrated semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) provisions the optical power control and also acts as a shutter to allow dark tuning when reverse biased.

Laser tuning is implemented with thermal control. It can be tuned on grid or off-grid with a minimum tuning step of 0.1GHz. When operated in ON-Grid tuning, the tuning is shuttered. While in fine-tuning (+/-9GHz) mode, it is un-shuttered operation.

The TL-MC040TA101 tunable laser has a wavelength accuracy about 3.5pm max and a power stability of 0.02dB max (both measured in a period of 60 minutes).

With accurate wavelength and stable power output, the laser is ideal for many test and measurement applications, optical component and material characterization, and optical monitoring applications such as optical monitoring in optical thin film coating.

Measured Performance:
Features and Benefits of Tunable Laser (iTLA)
  • Full C-Band tunable laser source
  • Narrow line-width, <= 400kHz
  • High output power +15.5dBm nominal
  • Variable output power range, 8.0dB
  • Electronic shutter for dark tuning
  • Gridless operation
  • Wavelength stabilized for 0.1GHz
  • Un-shuttered frequency fine tuning capability ±9GHz
  • Large SMSR, >40dB
  • Low RIN
  • Low phase noise
  • Low power dissipation, 4.5W
  • Case operating temperature range -5ºC to +75ºC
  • Simple RS232 interface
  • RS232/USB conversion cable available (optional)
  • RoHS compliant 6/6
  • Telcordia GR 468 Qualified
  • Low-cost alternative solution in manufacturing line test and measurement
  • Custom-software available for material and component characterization purpose upon request
  • Coherent optical communication systems
  • Low-Cost alternative laser source in manufacturing line test and measurement
  • Optical characterization of materials and components
  • Optical monitoring system (OMS) in optical thin film coating


Performance Specifications of Tunable Laser (iTLA)







Wavelength Range 1528 1567 nm C-Band
Output Power 8 17 dBm
Power Stability1 ±0.5 dB
Power Repeatability2 ±0.5 dB
Tuning Speed 3 10 s
SMSR (Side Mode Suppression Ratio) 40 dB Measured over ±2.5nm range around the target frequency with 0.06nm RBW
Line Width 400 kHz
RIN (10MHz-1GHz) -140 dB/Hz
RIN (1-10GHz) -145
OSNR 55 dB 0.1nm optical bandwidth
Polarization Extinction Ratio 20 dB
Back Reflection Tolerance 27 dB
Shuttered Output Power -35 dBm
Power Supply Voltage 4.5 5.0 V
Power Consumption 6 W
Cold Start Settle Time 10 s
Warm Start Settle Time 0.1 s
Transient Settle Time 150 250 μs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 100 x 120 x 22 mm
Connector Type FC/APC Standard - Specified by Customer


  1. After 30 minute warm up, within 15 minutes at constant temperature.
  2. After 30 minute warm up, within 1 hour at constant temperature.