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Optoplex offers the broad portfolio of fiber-optic components, modules and sub-systems for dynamic wavelength management and signal conditioning in the industry. These products are used in various applications throughout the optical network for telecommunications, data communications, and provide customized solutions to instrument, defense, spectroscopy and sensing industries. Optoplex also provides custom-designed products for academic and research institutions, to help their research projects and applications.

The following applications help you to select Optoplex' products for your demands. They are just some typical examples. Many applications are not included in this list. Please talk to us and help us to update.

In addition to the listed applications, if you are not sure which components you should use, please discuss your project with our Technical Support team.

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(Long Haul, Metro, Access)
  Long-haul, Regional/Metro and Access Networks
Terrestrial and Submarine
  Phase Demodulators: DPSK, DQPSK, QPSK, DP-QPSK
Integrated Receivers: DPSK, DQPSK, Coherent Rx
Optical Interleavers
Tunable Filters
Wavelength Lockers
Flat-Top Comb Filters
Tunable ROSA
  Aerospace Laser Communications   Aerospace Laser Communication
Aerospace Coherent Doppler Lidar
  1064nm, 1310nm, or C-Band
DPSK: 2.5 and 5.0 GHz
90deg Hybrid and Receiver
High-Speed Photoreceivers (MMF)
Wavelength Locker
(Sensing, Instrumentation, etc)
  FBG Sensing
Distributed Sensing
Spectroscopic Sensing
Coherent Doppler Wind Lidar
  Light Sources: TLS, WSL, ASE, Comb Light Source, CW Fiber Laser, Pulsed Fiber Laser
Etalon - Wavelength Ruler/Ref
DLI - Wavelength Ruler/Ref
90deg Hybrid Coherent Rx
Optical Engine for Wind Lidar
"Super" Flat-Top Comb Filter
  Test & Measurement   FOTE/CATV
DWDM Testing
Laser Chip Screening Test
R&D Lab Test
  ASE and Comb Light Source
Optical Ruler - Etalon or DLI
Tunable Filters
Multi-Function T & M
Tunable Lasers
Swept Lasers