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10Gbps Tunable ROSA for NGPON2  
Tunable ROSA for NGPON2
Tunable ROSA Illustration Drawing
10Gbps Tunable ROSA for NGPON2 PDF Datasheet
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Product Description - 10Gbps Tunable ROSA for NGPON2

With increasing demand for data and video from home, business and wireless, higher and higher bandwidth for the Optical Access Network is required.

Drivers for NG-PON2 and PON Roadmap

FSAN (Full Service Access Network) initiated a working group to work on NG-PON2 in 2010 in collaboration with ITU-T. TWDM (TDM/WDM: Time Division Multiplexing/Wavelength Division Multiplexing) was selected as the preferred technology for NG-PON2.The first recommendation of NG-PON2 general requirements was published by ITU-T (G.989.1) in late 2012, and the physical layer requirements (ITU G.989.2) was approved in December 2014.

The major requirements (physical layer) of NG-PON2 can be summarized as

  • Downstream 40 Gb/s, upstream 10Gb/s , per OLT port
  • 4 wavelengths per OLT port, both upstream and downstream (option for future upgradeable to 8 wavelengths)
  • 100GHz channel spacing
  • Wavelength plan, downstream: 1596 ~ 1603nm; upstream: 1532~1540nm
  • Colorless ONU
  • Support ≥ 64 ONUs per port (256 ONUs or more also of interest)
  • Max loss >=29dB (Class N1)
  • Compatible with legacy PON infrastructure (> 40 km reach)
  • Smooth Migration
    • Legacy PON co-existence (G-PON and/or XG-PON1)
    • Smooth migration from a legacy PON on a per ONU basis
  • Support for multiple applications on the same ODN (e.g. residential + business + backhaul)
  • PtP WDM overlay channels were added for easier handling of mobile front-haul applications

Optoplex started to work closely with major GPON equipment suppliers (the leading companies in FSAN) to develop colorless ONU for NG-PON2 since the very beginning when FSAN initiated the working group. With proprietary technology, Optoplex developed a periodic tuning filter – cost effective and small form factor for easy integration with APD/TIA, suitable for NG-PON2 application, and then a 10Gbps Tunable ROSA (10G APD/TIA integrated with a tunable filter). This 10G tunable ROSA has been successfully verified by many major companies in past three years and then deployed in field by a couple of T-1 service providers recently. The tunable ROSA used in NG-PON2 is illustrated in Figure 3.

Tunable ROSA for colorless ONU

Features and Benefits of 10Gbps Tunable ROSA for NGPON2
  • 100GHz tunable filter with tuning range of 4 channels
  • InGaAs APD for 10Gbps
  • High gain 12kΩ transimpedance pre-amplifier
  • Differential data output
  • High sensitivity: < -28dBm
  • Low power consumption: < 0.4W
Applications of 10Gbps Tunable ROSA for NGPON2
  • Digital fiber optic receiver for access networks for telecom
  • High speed optical data networks
  • Fiber in the loop (FTTx)
  • SFP+/XFP/300pin MSA optical transceiver


Performance Specifications of 10Gbps Tunable ROSA for NGPON2

Specifications for Tunable Filter:

Parameter Comments Min Typical Max unit
Operating wavelength range1 1570 1610 nm
Tunable Filter Insertion Loss 2.5 dB
Wavelength Tuning Range2 -5°C to 75°C 450 GHz
Filter Pass Band Width @1dB 20 GHz
@20dB 150
Optical Return Loss 27 dB
PDL 0.8 dB
Tuning Speed From channel i to i+1 1 s
Thermistor Resistance 10
TF Tuning Voltage 3.8 V
Voltage Dependent Loss 0.5 1 dB


  1. 1600 ~ 1625nm is the required operating wavelength for the 4 TWDM channels of NGPON2. Optoplex tunable filter can work in a much wider wavelength range from 1500 ~ 1650nm
  2. The maximum working temperature of wavelength tuner is 120°C

Specifications for 10G ROSA:

Parameter Comments Min Typical Max unit
Optical Characteristics
Operating Wavelength Range 1570 1610 nm
Responsivity M=1, CW 0.75 A/W
Responsivity with Filter M=1, CW 0.42 A/W
Minimum Sensitivity 10.3Gbps, RL=50Ω, BER=1×10-3, NRZ, ER=6.42 dB, PRBS=231-1 , Mopt, λ=1550nm -30.5 dBm
Optical Return Loss 27 dB
Electrical Characteristics
TIA Supply Voltage VCC 3 3.3 3.6 V
TIA Supply Current Pin=0μW 40 55 70 mA
Operating Voltage VOP, M=Mopt 0.9×Vbr V
Trans-impedance F=200MHz, RL=50Ω, Pin=1μW, M=10, differential 2.0
3dB Bandwidth @-3dB, M=10, RL=50Ω, Pin=-20dBm 6.0 GHz
Temperature Coefficient of VBR Id=10μA, TC=25~75°C 0.03 V/°C
Breakdown Voltage Dark current Id=10μA 25 34 40 V