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Optoplex Launched Integrated 90deg Optical Hybrid with Balanced Receivers

Date : 3/22/2016  

Fremont, California, March 22, 2016 — Optoplex today launchced its mass production of a new product – called Integrated 90deg Optical Hybrid with Balanced Receivers.  

The integrated 90deg hybrid receiver is a good candidate in various applications such as

  • Coherent Doppler LIDAR system
  • Coherent detection in fiber sensing
  • Coherent detection in OCT and other biomedical sensing/imaging systems
  • Coherent spectroscopy instrumentation
  • Coherent detection in optical communications

Optoplex’s free-space, micro-optics-based, and passive 90deg Optical Hybrid is a mixer in coherent detection and has been widely used in both 40Gbps and 100Gbps coherent transmission systems in optical communications.

In Doppler LIDAR applications, 90deg optical hybrid is a must-have component. Compared to conventional mixer using fiber optic couplers, it won’t be able to provide information about wind vector. While, because 90deg optical hybrid provides the 90deg phase information between I- and Q- paths, it can yield to the wind vector information.

The integrated 90deg hybrid receiver could have 3dB electrical bandwidth of 15, 100, 200, 400MHz, or 1.6GHz. The default RF output mode is AC-coupled. DC coupled version is also available.

About Optoplex Corporation

Optoplex Corporation is a leading provider of various innovative telecom components, modules and subsystems for communications networks. Optoplex focuses on designs, developments, and manufacturing of a broad platform of cutting-edge customized fiber-optic products for the telecom network systems, which allow network systems to more effectively utilize their current resources. Since June 2000, Optoplex has made large-scale investments in research and development activities by assembling a seasoned team of optical design, packaging and thin-film coating experts to revolutionize the fabric-optic products, thereby paving the path to the next generation of communication systems.

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