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Optoplex Launched Tunable ROSA for 40G PON (TWDM-based NGPON2) Application

Date : 3/18/2013  

Fremont, California, March 18, 2013 — Optoplex announced that it has developed and launched a 40Gbps Tunable ROSA for TWDM-PON based NGPON2 application.

TWDM-PON (time-wavelength-division multiplexing passive optical network) is a preferred solution for the 2nd generation of next-gen PON as supported by FSAN (full-service access network) organization. In TWDM-based NGPON2, 4 wavelengths with a channel spacing of 100GHz are carried on a single fiber in downstream, each wavelength carries 10Gbps data. The tunable 10Gbps ROSA is adopted by FSAN in an MSA as the recommended solution for TWDM-based NGPON2.

Optoplex has been working closely and intensively with 3 Tier-1 equipment manufacturers. Combined together, they have more than 75% share in today’s GPON market share.  These 3 companies are also the key members in FSAN for the NGPON2 MSA.

Optoplex’s tunable ROSA is the best solution for TWDM-based NGPON2 due to its superior performance, small size and low-cost. Recently, Optoplex’s customers have successfully completed field trials of the TWDM-based NGPON2 – 40G PON with several service providers in North America and Europe.

About Optoplex Corporation

Optoplex Corporation is a leading provider of various innovative telecom components, modules and subsystems for communications networks. Optoplex focuses on designs, developments, and manufacturing of a broad platform of cutting-edge customized fiber-optic products for the telecom network systems, which allow network systems to more effectively utilize their current resources. Since June 2000, Optoplex has made large-scale investments in research and development activities by assembling a seasoned team of optical design, packaging and thin-film coating experts to revolutionize the fabric-optic products, thereby paving the path to the next generation of communication systems.

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